Bravura Ltd serves companies at any stage of growth that need to start, improve, validate or scale their supply chain. Regardless if you are a Retailer, Wholesaler, or a Start-up Company, Bravura Ltd provides the most sustainable value when compared to other sourcing and logistics agents because of the premium service, level of engagement across the product life cycle, and creative, global perspective we promise our client partners.


Bravura LTD sourcing employs a team of professionals located within key manufacturing regions to seek out potential global suppliers and establish direct factory relationships.  Our mission is to leverage the collective global manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of a rapidly changing  . Each sourcing manager is assigned a specific Bravura Ltd business unit and possesses in depth industry knowledge for their respective product categories.


Quality control and shipment inspections are arranged and coordinated by Bravura Ltd Global Sourcing employees geographically located near key manufacturing areas. Our Quality Assurance team is dedicated to monitoring production processes, ensuring product is manufactured according to Bravura Ltd quality standards, conducting pre-shipment inspections, and maintaining product specifications.


Bravura Ltd logistics staff are able to manage all international shipments for Bravura Ltd clients regardless of global origin or destination. The team also manages offshore stocking and mixing locations, international freight carrier relationships, and maintains customs and regulatory compliance for all Bravura Ltd clients.